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Magnetic Glass

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Magnetic Glass Wipe-Boards

We will do everything in our power to realise your idea. Magnetic Glass Wipe-Boards can be supplied with or without edge trims and with or without fastening kits.

Our in-house designed wipe-boards can be used in a range of settings, including offices, classrooms, hospitals, training facilities, boardrooms, sales areas, and homes. A fully adaptable product for a variety of sectors.

We provide a wide variety of colours in addition to particular printed designs that may include your corporate logo. We can build utilising a unique acid etch to enable complete functionality with a non-glare surface if you prefer a more understated appearance.

low profile Magnetic glass

At Lucas Glassworks, Our low profile Magnetic glass wipe-boards are ideal for offices and settings that require clever, slick, and practical surfaces to capture ideas and plans thanks to the special qualities of glass.

Product Specification

  • i-Clad Safety Glass, which we process to BSEN12600 (1B1), or UK-processed toughened glass to BSEN12150
  • Nominal 8mm is the thickness of a standard product; other modifications are possible upon request. Standard Colour: White (Any other colour is available upon request)
  • Gloss is the standard finish (a satin option is available upon request).
  • Standard edge polishing; request for an aluminium frame on request, split batten fixing system is offered.
  • Standard is a single face, with double sided options available upon request.
  • Both gloss and satin finishes are straightforward to write on and ghost-free.

Mega Magnetic can be used to cover or hang on any interior wall or surface, fusing modern design with usefulness and bringing your ideas to life.

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