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Colour & Decretive Glass

Scratch Resistance

Our scratch-resistant glass worktops are created in 10mm thickness, any colour, and a wide range of unique effect treatments to offer countless design options.

All standard worktop fabrication options, such as drainer grooves, sink/hob/tap cutouts, and various polished edge treatments, are available.

Due to its resistance to the accumulation of scratches and marks that would otherwise occur on the glass surface from normal use, the product offers a distinctive solution to the worktop market. It can endure heat of up to 300 degrees and is thermally hardened, making it resistant to strong impacts on the worktop.

This specialised substance resists stains but can still be cleaned with common cleaning supplies.

Colour & Decretive Glass

At Lucas Glassworks, we can use scratch resistance glass and fluted glass.

Fluted Glass

It is perfect for indoor spaces and addresses the challenge of establishing privacy while preserving open, breezy areas.

We have offered broad selections of textured glass to builders, fabricators, and developers. Additionally, we have created custom designs in conjunction with architects and interior designers for various projects.

Fluted glass is a perfect bespoke glass solution for both commercial and residential settings because of its aesthetic appeal and use.

For a “on-trend,” modern appearance, we advise combining reeded glass with aluminium or Crittall frames. Sliding or bi-fold doors can be integrated with these framed internal glazing systems to provide an incredibly functional and aesthetically appealing glass solution.